Thursday, 18 September 2014

First things first

Hello beauties, I'm Raeali and I'm giving this blogging thing a little go :)

I love all things beauty but don't always have the pennies to spend on new products so I find myself in a beauty rut every now and then using the same make up looks, skincare routine and hair products. This blog is my attempt at reviving my love for beauty on a budget and making the most out of resources I can get my hands on! 

I also imagine I'll ramble on about my life a little so I hope some of the topics I include are of interest to some of you.

That'll do for now, hopefully I'll be back soon with a post for you internet friends to cast your eyes over.

Stay safe and see you soon x

(p.s. If you started singing /rapping Fancy after reading the title of this post then we can be best friends)

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