Friday, 19 September 2014

Recent beauty buys

Hello beauties!

Over the past couple of months I've got my hands on some new beauty buys that I'm very excited about and I thought I'd share them as my first beauty blog post which is also very exciting! So here we go, here's my mini haul:

 So I'm going to write a little bit about each item and explain why I so desperately needed it in my life! For ease of explanation I've laid all my items out and labeled them, I hope you can see them all okay:

1. Sleep-in rollers
These seemed like a genius idea and something that I needed in my life immediately! They are like regular rollers but instead of being plastic and painful to lie on, they are foam cylinders meaning you can have a restful nights sleep while they work their magic! This set came with 20 rollers, a little pouch with bobby pins and this adorable carry case. They were also half price on amazon so I snapped them up to save some pennies as I knew I would give in a buy them eventually. If like me you have flat hair these are great to give your locks a bit of a boost. I think I'll do a full blog post about these at some point so keep an eye out for that one.

2. Benefit Foamingly Clean facial wash
This face wash is a little more pricey than my usual beauty buys but I was fortunate enough to be given it as a birthday present a couple of months ago so I am a very lucky girly. Although this is a little more on the pricey side I would highly recommend it, I felt and saw the difference in my skin after just one use and it continues to keep my skin in good condition. I'm not using it every day as I don't want to run out (!) but I'm alternating it with my usual skin care routine and it is working wonders.

3. Bourjois Rouge Edition lipstick in no. 18 Violine strass 
This one isn't overly clear in the picture but I'm sure it'll be featuring in some of my future posts as it is an absolute beauty of a lipstick. I was searching the whole of Boots for a perfect berry tone lipstick and just couldn't quite find the right shade until I stumbled across the Bourjois stand. I've never had a Bourjois lipstick before but it was a great colour and lasted well on my lips, it was also quite creamy so it kept my lips nice and moisturised. This one is a great shade for autumn and can be dressed up or down for night or day.

4. Real Techniques stippling brush
I picked up this brush as I've had the same flat foundation brush for years now and fancied a change. I invested my money in this Real Techniques brush as I know they are a good quality brand and will last well. I was super excited to try this one out and I was not disappointed! It gave me good coverage and was great for blending to give an even finish, this will most definitely be a regular!

5. Tangle Teezer 
Now, I have been longing for a Tangle Teezer for quite some time now but for some reason I had not yet taken the plunge and bought one. This is probably due to the fact that I already own far to many hairbrushes and they do seem quite pricey for a hairbrush when you already have lots! However a very kind friend of mine donated her old one to me as she knew how much I wanted one and she also had another one for all her hair brushing needs. This is honestly the best brush I have ever used, it seems to pull out far less hair than any other brush and leaves your hair feeling so soft. This is essential for me at the moment as I'm desperately trying to grow my already quite thin hair and I want to minimise any damage. Swapping unwanted/unused beauty products is also a great way of saving your hard earned pennies! Right that's enough about Tangle Teezers and my very generous friends for now, on to the next...

6. Make Up Academy eyeshadow palette in Undress Me Too
I'd been looking for some new eyeshadow palettes but didn't want to break the bank so these Make Up Academy palettes seemed perfect and are an absolute steal at just £4 each!! This one is a great mix of nude matte colours and some earthy shimmers. I take from the name that this is a play on the Urban Decay 'Naked' range (the first palette in this series is called Undressed) and at about a tenth of the price you really cannot go wrong.

7. Make Up Academy eyeshadow palette in Matte
This is another great palette from Make Up Academy but as the name suggests all of the colours are beautiful matte colours. I'm really excited to try out mixing and matching this palette and particularly experimenting with the blue toned 'Fog' colour on the bottom row second from the right as this is not a colour I usually use on my eyes. Both of these palettes come with a double ended sponge applicator and although I tend not to use these they are very useful if you are travelling and don't want to bring lots of brushes along.

8. Barry M Blusher in Rose
This blusher caught my eye as I had been looking for a brighter blush colour to use when I was feeling brave! This rose colour is gorgeous and comes in a cute pot with a mini brush included. As it is Barry M it is also a reasonable price which is always a bonus! I tried out this colour very lightly on the apples of my cheeks and it gave me a lovely rosy glow without being too over the top. I would recommend applying it with caution, however, as I can see how easy it would be to over do the rosy glow and end up like a made up tomato!

9. Sleek Face Contour Kit in Light
And last but certainly not least the sleek contour kit. This kit comes with a contour colour and a highlight with a handy mirror inside. There was also an instruction sheet included showing how to contour and highlight your face which I thought was a really great addition for anybody who is new to contouring. I ordered this online and so I chose the light shade, mainly as I was quite nervous of choosing a colour that was far too dark and looking silly - my thought process was that if it was too light I could always layer it up. However it ended up being just the right colour even though my skin isn't particularly fair so if any of you do have fair skin I would use this with caution. I also managed to buy this kit with the Boots advantage card points I had accumulated making it free which always feels great!  

So there you have it, a slightly longer than I expected first beauty post! I hope that somebody out there found this useful and enjoyed reading it; if you did then please let me know in the comments I'd love to hear from you. And if you hated it then some quick (friendly) constructive criticism would help as well :)

Take care and lots of love 

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