Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Annie's Burger Shack

On the weekend my Mum came to visit me so I took her to one of Nottingham's most popular eating places - Annie's Burger Shack. I'm pretty sure that this is a one off and not part of a chain so unfortunately if you're not near Nottingham you wont be able to just pop in but if you are it is well worth a visit!

The menu has a wide selection of amazing burgers with a variety of toppings. All of the burgers can be made meaty, vegetarian or vegan which I think is a great bonus meaning that most people can find something they really like here.

The burgers are really tasty, mine had bacon, cheese and a hash brown as a topping (yes there was a whole has brown in my burger and it was incredible) and my Mum's had a bacon and blue cheese topping. The sweet potato fries pictured in the bottom picture above are £1 extra but well worth it in my opinion.

I also had a milkshake (these can also be made vegan) which was really nice and the whole atmosphere is really just friendly. This little pot on our table had trivial pursuit cards in it which I thought was a really nice touch! The staff are all lovely and its just a really great place for lunch or dinner.

I would definitely recommend Annie's if you live near enough to try it but try and book before hand as they can get very busy and are often fully booked. 

Have you been to Annie's before? Is there anywhere similar where you live? Let me know in the comments below.

Take care ♥

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