Sunday, 2 November 2014

October favourties

So October is over! It's getting colder and darker by the day so we've got to have a few favourites and treats to look forward to, on that note here are my October favourites...

Firstly, Galaxy Hot Chocolate. This one is pretty self explanatory, it's getting colder and this hot chocolate is a delicious treat for a cosy night in. The frothy top is also a nice touch and this one seems to dissolve better than any other hot chocolate I've had which is a bonus too.

Another must for this time of year particularly is a great candle. This Yankee Candle in Black Plum Blossom smells absolutely gorgeous, I spent ages in the Yankee shop trying to choose and I just couldn't stop smelling this one so it had to be the one! The scent also lasts in the room leaving your house smelling lush even after blowing out the candle.

Moving more towards beauty products I finally bought the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush recently and it was such a good purchase; it's just the perfect shape for applying and buffing in foundation to leave a flawless finish. I'm a big fan of this one!

I've also been wanting to purchase Tanya Burr Nail Varnish in Little Duck for a while now and finally picked it up the other week and I was not disappointed. This is purely personal choice but the colour is gorgeous and very close to my absolute favourite colour of all time. It doesn't last particularly well but I fell in love with the colour so having to reapply more often isn't an issue for me. Also I love the name but that is totally irrelevant!

If you had a look at my Lip balm showdown blog post you would have seen that I'm a big fan of this EOS lip balm in Strawberry Sorbet. It just does everything that you would want from a lip balm! I wont repeat everything I've already said in case you read it but for more details check out my last blog post. 

Finally a bit of cute organisation! I was looking for a little tray or something to keep my bobby pins in so I don't keep losing them and when I came across this Teapot Tea Bag Rest in ASDA I thought it would be perfect and at only £1 you really can't go wrong. After picking up the little teapot I saw the Pink Tea Cup and Saucer for only £2.50 and thought it would be a perfect addition to hold cotton buds and cotton pads. This was also super cheap and much cheaper than it would have been buying something that was actually made for organisation, so I think this one was a bit of a winner!

What are your October favourties? Do you have any of these items and are you loving them as much as I am? Let me know in the comments.

Take care ♥

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