Saturday, 8 November 2014

Skincare top tips

After my skincare routine post, I thought I should share my top tips of skincare and how to stick to a routine to share some of the rules that I try to stick to so here they are...

1. If nothing else, always moisturise. If you don't want a big skin care routine then just moisturise every night, I find this is the step that makes the biggest difference for me and also creates the nicest base for applying make up. This is especially important in the upcoming winter months.

2. Always remove your make up. This is an old chestnut but is great advice, leaving your make up on will clog up your pores and cause all sorts of problems so just take it off!

3. Stick at your routine for best results. It can be boring but just stick at it. One week wont make the world of difference but 3/4 weeks down the line you will be thanking yourself for sticking at it.

4. You will still get spots, don't give up. Even if you look after your skin really well you will still most likely get some spots. What you will probably find however, is that they disappear quicker and leave less of a mark which is always a bonus!

5. Have a lazy option. There will always be a night that you just want to get into bed and not do anything else so my advice is to always have a lazy option, this is mine...

Simple Purifying Cleansing Lotion cleanses and moisturises in one so I can just dollop this on my face and go to sleep! It doesn't work as well as the whole routine but is ok to do every now and then!

What are your top tips for skincare? Let me know in the comments :)

Take care ♥

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