Friday, 10 October 2014

Current wish list

Today's blog is all about the things that I would love to buy if I had endless money!

1. Benefit Candy-Coated Countdown advent calender
I think this is really fun and would be so exciting to get a little beauty present every day up until Christmas. It costs £60 but the value of the products would be much higher so if you look at it like that it's a bargain! Other beauty advent calenders are available but I think this Benefit one looks really great.

2. Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Love Liberty (top) and Amazing Grace (bottom)
I am in love with this whole Charlotte Tilbury range consisting of 10 beautiful matte shades which are perfect for autumn. Coming in at £23 each they aren't cheap so even on my wish list I've had to limit myself to two choices and these are my favourites. They also come in this beautiful rose gold casing and I am a sucker for packaging which has made me fall in love with them even more!

3. Eyelure Pro-Lash Individual lashes in Fine to Full
I'm a big fan of fake lashes, it may be because my natural eyelashes are pretty rubbish but I think they just complete any eye make up and really open up your eyes. As much as I love strip lashes I think the individuals look much more natural and less obviously fake. I'm yet to try these out because I feel like they'll be really difficult but one day I will brave it and see how it goes!

4. Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs
This is the latest in the Daisy range of fragrances from Marc Jacobs. There isn't an awful lot to say about this one other than I absolutely love the scent. I tested it out in a fragrance shop and couldn't stop smelling it all day. It's a lovely fragrance that could be worn in the day or at night. 

5. GHD Curve in Classic Curls
If you're interested in this kind of thing I'm sure you'll be aware that GHD have released a range of curling tongs/wands which they have called the Curve collection. There are 4 different curling tongs/wands to create 4 different looks. Now I love the way my hair looks when it is curly but it just doesn't stay; I naturally have very flat, straight hair that is reluctant to do anything! Because of this I've been considering investing in a curling tong for a while now so I got quite excited when these were released. I've had my GHD straighteners for around 6/7 years now and they are still doing the job perfectly so I trust that the Curve collection will have the same staying power. I've decided that the Classic Curls tong is right for the look I'm aiming for but they have tutorial videos on their website explaining all of the 4 different looks for you to decide which is best for your hair.

6. Laura Ashley Lotion Dispensers
I saw these in a Boots magazine and I just think they are really pretty and would suit almost any room decor. They are also practical and will look a lot nicer that a line of half used bottles piled up on the side that I normally have! The picture isn't super clear but they have a really pretty design around the sides.

So there you have it, I expect most of these things will be going on my Christmas list and I might just treat myself to a slightly cheaper beauty advent calender in the mean time! If you enjoyed this post or have used any of these things then let me know in the comments below.

Take care ♥

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