Thursday, 23 October 2014

Individuals attempt

I'm a big fan of false eyelashes and I've been wanting to try individuals for a while now so I finally took the plunge and bought some Eyelure Pro-lash Individuals! I didn't go crazy I only used 5 on each eye (3 medium length on the outside corner and 2 short length in the middle) and this is the final look:

They were much easier to put on than I thought they would be and they allow you to be a bit more creative than with strip lashes and customise your look. I was also worried about them coming off as they don't seem very strong but they stayed on and in place for the whole night. This is what they looked like when I got back in!

They do take some patience and a steady hand and it may take you a while to master it but I think they are worth a try. They don't have quite the same dramatic effect that is so easy to achieve with strip lashes but I would definitely recommend giving them a go. Next time I may try some of long length lashes for more impact.

I hope you liked this post, leave me a comment below if you have any tips or tricks for individual lashes :)

Take care ♥

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