Friday, 17 October 2014

Daisy nails

I haven't been able to paint my nails for a while because I've been on placement at uni but I finished yesterday which means...

...nail art time!

  These daisy nails are really cute and really easy to do, all you need is three nail polishes and a steady hand. I chose Nail Paint by Barry M in 295 Pure Turquoise as my base colour but you can really chose any colour you like based on your outfit or just what mood you're in. 

Make sure you get a nice even base colour before adding the details.

Next I used Nail Paint by Barry M in 66 Matt White to make the daisy shape. This is the most fiddly part of the design and does require a bit of a steady hand. 

If you are just learning then stick to the outside of the nail as you only have to paint half of the daisy this way and it still looks really artistic.

Finally I used Rimmel London I ♥ Fruities Lasting Finish in 058 Lemon Drop to add a dot to the middle of the daisies and finish off the design.

And there you have it! Once your nails are dry just add a clear topcoat to help the design last and you're finished.

I hope you liked this post and give this design a go if you're feeling creative. Let me know in the comments below how it turned out or if you have any designs you want to share with me :)

Take care ♥

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