Sunday, 12 October 2014

Drink, dance, karaoke

Last night was my friends 21st birthday so we all went out for a drink and a dance (and a bit of karaoke...). I had so much fun and all in all it was a successful night!

For my make up I wanted to do something a bit special but not too over the top and this is the look I came up with...

I went for a brown smokey eye and tried to wing it out a bit further than normal for more impact and these impressive eyelure lashes in No. 107 finish off the big eye make up. For the lips I just used a fairly neutral coral colour from Revlon in No. 825 Lovers Coral which I thought finished off the look nicely.

 This is the full look with my hair done too, I did a simple fishtail plait with a few loose pieces of hair at the front. I like to make a fishtail plait a bit messy which is also great as you aren't worrying about it being perfect for the rest of the night!

And here's the full outfit! I love a skater skirt and this burgundy one is the perfect colour for autumn.

I hope you like this look, let me know down below in the comments what you think or if you've done a similar look in the past or any tips and tricks you have for me :)

Take care ♥

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